How To Install Ub Funkeys Windows 7 64 Bit?


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Due to relevant research it seems clear that installing UB Funkeys on windows 7 has cropped up with some problems. Some have suggested that the system does not support Windows 7 however there may be some things you can do to try and install it.

  • How to install UB Funkeys
You should initially follow the uninstallation process that is being directed to you and go through all the relevant stages. Once the program is uninstalled you should check to see if you have the latest version of Adobe. If not, upgrade Adobe and then attempt to reinstall the game on your computer. After the game has been installed yet again, you should locate the Paradox Green feature and update it. If you do this correctly, the game may play on Windows 7.

  • How to play UB Funkeys: Step 1
If your game has been successfully installed then you can start it up and get playing. You have to make sure that the UB hub is connected to your computer otherwise the disk won't play. Now you can pick a player and put the figure into the top of the port.

  • Step 2
Click on 'start' and locate the game so you can launch it to play. You will be given the options to 'create player', 'login', 'story' and 'website'. You will also notice that you have 'options' and 'quit' towards the bottom of the list. Click on 'create player' and then you can get started.

  • Step 3
Follow the process presented to you and you will be able to come up with a new username as well as password that you'll need to log into the game. You are free to search through the virtual world and play games while meeting other characters along the way.
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Not a really installation on Windows7 but working:
Download VMPlayer 3.0 (it is free)
Create a Virtual Machine running XP or an older OS, you should not download pirate copies but use the Os disk of an old computer.
After that if you want you can make the launch of UBFUNKEYS fully automatic from your W7 X64 desktop (replacing VMPLayer icon with UBfunkeys ICON and making an automatic launch for UB Funkeys within the older system).
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There isn't a way. Mattel is so far behind the times, that it took them a year to come out with a Vista patch. So I would imagine that it will take them another year for Windows 7.

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