How do I get audio on my laptop when using HDMI connection to Samsung U28D590 monitor? Monitor has no audio capability. Connections are displayport and 2 HDMI. Speaker connection not working when use HDMI cable plugged in. (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit).


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Soul Fly answered

See if this video help, its about how to switch audio output sources. The info is in the first minute or 2.

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Natalie Holeman answered

That is exactly what I was trying.  But I could not get a speaker device in the playback devices.  I forgot LONG ago, I had removed all the playback devices except Realtek Digital Output (built in speaker that is super quiet now so must literally have my ear to the speaker to hear it). 

Since you pointed me back to there, I poked around and found the my Speaker device and added it back to the screen.

Thank you so much for your help.  I did not use the information for the macro but it did tell me I was looking in the right place just that something was  missing, so I went back to digging there.  I added back my Logitech headphones too.

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