How to I connect my speakers to my laptop with built in speakers? How I can connect two more speakers that I put behind me to have a "surround sound setup". My computer replaces the built in speakers in my computer with the external speakers.


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First, most laptops don't have the power to drive a surround setup - so the best you can hope for is a stereo setup but not much more, as they weren't made for surround systems, unfortunately. Sorry and Happy Holidays!

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Jackson Fergie
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My laptop is an asus republic of gamers, do you know if this laptop supports a surround sound setup?
Arthur Wright
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I know of no laptop capable of powering a surround sound setup and haven't heard of any one using more than 2 small speakers so you may have to go to Asers actuall website and get into tech support to get an answer here
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I see that your laptop has stereo speakers.. But it will not support surround system on its own.. In this case you can make use of the AUX out port of the laptop and use it as the input of a surround speaker... Of course, the surround system will need its own power supply... When you connect the AUX cable to the laptop, the in built speakers will not work and sound will come out of the surround system only....

Another option is to use a USB powered stereo speaker... In this case you do not need an external power supply. The speakers will be powered from the USB port.

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