How Do You See The Internet Changing?


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I think that the Internet will control our whole lives soon. Already you can do or get about anything on the Internet. I think that is really important for a lot of activities and jobs that we need to do today. It is an important way of learning about things that you need to know about. I will be using it in my future job because I am going to be a bail bondsman and bounty hunter and they look up a lot of information on the Internet. I see them being able to put the Internet in just about everything. They have already been able to integrate it into phones and now watches. I have just bought a laptop computer this week that has wireless Internet capabilities so I won't have to be connected to all those wires anymore.
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I think the internet is heading for a massive censorship overdo. Information is too easy to obtain. Especially when to do with suicide, terrorist activities and many other disturbing activities. It may be disputed a lot but in the end, you can't walk into a library and buy a book on "How to make a bomb" or "how to commit suicide" so why should it be available online?

Secondly, I predict everyone who has access to the internet will be involved in some kind of social networking website. With Myspace claiming that they've signed their 10 millionth UK user alone, (1/6 people in the UK have a myspace account) it's not hard to predict Social networking is only at the beginning.

There's no escaping the internet!
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According to my views internet is becoming the oxygen for the new generation as internet is using in the almost every field of life like in business, medicine, communication etc. Internet is becoming a huge a faster source of data sharing and communication among the peoples so in this fast and furious life internet is connecting peoples. It will make more progress in future.
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I hope that computers will not end up controlling the world.It helps in many ways to make certain things easier,and is very helpful in learning to a certain extent.Unfortunately there are a lot of scams and misuse.In order for it to help people more i believe that the main problem is to try and find more secure ways to help people rather than making it so easy to scam and abuse people.Better security and improvement on stopping scammers and mis-leaders.Ways to protect the innocent and our children who after all are the future of this world.
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Internet will be the lifestyle, shopping, chatting, and education, and much more. Soon if you don't learn computer, or have a computer, you will be left out. The only bad is the spam, the sickos who try to destroy others computers, and the preditors who try to hurt or kill children. But soon we will be holding schools on line, with the way the country is going cutting all the money for are children. The new will be stay home and get a education on here.
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Hi I think the Internet is important for nowadays' activity, many things and duty need it, because it's convenient and efficient,it replace many things which we do nowadays so it 'll develop in our future as it 'll become useful.
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Yes , the Internet will become very much more integrated as time moves forwards. There will be nothing in this world which you will not be able to do on the Internet. If you don't know the computers, now is the time to start learning, before you get left behind!
The Internet is far much more greater and better then what it was years ago. Keep in mind that when the computers first became available to the companies before the public gain access, all you could do was your work, play certain games and that was it. There were no let's surf the web and all those good things. So let's enjoy what we are Blessed with now and wait to see what is yet on it's way.
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Internet is multiplying your possibilities day by day. many works which were being done manually now being done through computer or via internet. in past times internet is only meant for messaging but now its view has become completely changed we r using internet in all the walks of life like shopping, traveling, studying, teaching, entertainment, bills payment, news etc. and every day you can have new activities on internet.
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Hi Featured,

I'm sorry it took me so long to get to your question - I guess I've been a little slow on the uptake these past few months since my latest MS attack. I'm sorry! :-(

I wouldn't commit to saying that the internet is better or worse than it was previously, but it has grown in many ways, and not always good ways, over the years. All I can say with any degree of certainty is that the internet is here and it's going to stay, so we had better get used to it!

The internet is a wonderful tool in that there is SO MUCH information at our fingertips! We can make reservations anywhere, research any topic, and write an extensive report (which used to take us a month to write when we were in school, do you remember those days?) within a matter of days or even hours. Why? It's because the internet is there whenever we need it, any time of the day or night (our new love?).

When we were kids doing reports (yes, we were kids once!) we had to wait until mom or dad or older sister or brother A) had the time, B) felt like it, or C) decided, in the case of siblings, that we weren't too embarrassing to be seen with on the streets so they MIGHT bring us to the library to use or check out reference books . . . IF they were available. Too embarrassing to be seen with, the REAL meaning: That gorgeous guy/girl won't be walking home from cheerleading/football practice at that time of the afternoon so I might be able to get you to the library without being seen with or embarrassed by you today. Then there's always the best one – darn that older sibling!! He/she forgot to come back to pick me up and I don't have any money to call mom or dad! Gee, mom/dad's going to be REALLY mad when they hear this one!! Let's face it guys, there were a lot of other kids doing that very same report due on that very same day for that very same teacher!

Unlike us, today's kids don't have to worry about the availability of reference materials, the weather, having a ride, being sick, etc.; they can just take their snack, their snotty little noses and all of their nasty little germs and go into whatever room the computer is in and do their work (don't forget that their REAL work is spreading their germs to us!! LOL). If they get SO hungry they just can't continue with their research without passing out they can just go back to the kitchen to grab another snack (if they can make it that far, spreading MORE germs along the way!), and if they have to go to the bathroom (which is their favorite hiding place!) they can go without worrying about losing their reference materials (unless the computer crashes or mom or dad or an older sibling comes in and starts doing his or her own work or researching his or her own paper which is due first thing tomorrow morning or doing something else on the computer like chatting with their other half, those darned girl/boyfriends!! LOL!

Let's keep it very simple here (and the simpler the better in my book!) – All they have to worry about is picking up is a virus (computer silly, we're working on the assumption that they're already sick, remember?)

I can really see why the internet is such a great tool for us, whether we like it or not, but I can also see how it can drive some families apart; it is a legal intruder in our homes, on our lives and on our families, becoming more important than the personal interactions with family members of yesteryear and, I believe it is causing rifts in many family dynamics. (Mom, who is that guy at the end of the table? That? Oh, that's your father sweetie, don't you remember him?)

Thanks for letting me be the sarcastic comedienne that I usually am today. God bless you all for your patience with me. Have a WONDERFUL day!!!
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I my opinion bout internet .internet is every think in the futuer we doing every thing whit internit .if you dont know about computer its could be difficult for u futuer

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