How To Make Internet Explorer My Default Browser?


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If you have a liking for the Internet Explorer whenever you browse on the internet, you should probably make it your default browser. This step should be taken particularly when your computer has more than one browser installed on it.

Follow the steps below to change your default browser to Internet Explorer on Windows XP, when it has been changed to FireFox, Chrome or Opera:

First of all open Internet Explorer.

Go to Tools > Internet Options.

Click on the "Programs” tab.

Then click "Reset Web Settings”.

Select "Yes” when the pop-up menu comes up.

Another way of making Internet Explorer your default browser can be:

Open Control Panel and double click Internet Options (alternatively you can right-click Internet Options and then click "open”).

Click the "Programs” tab.

Click to select Internet Explorer and make sure there is a check on the default browser box.

Click OK.

Open Internet Explorer and when asked to make it default browser, select "Yes”.

Additional Tips:

For further information on changing your default browser to Internet Explorer, you can visit the official website of Internet Explorer and search in Help.

You will require a minimum of 64 MB of RAM to install and run Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer comes with a strong spyware and adware blocker already turned on so that you can enjoy a safe, uninterrupted browsing experience. These features will make your browsing experience free of ads and your movement online cannot be tracked by unknown sources.

If you have another browser and want to use that occasionally, you can do so by simply opening the browser from the desktop shortcut icon or from the start menu.
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To make Internet Explorer your Default Browser, open Internet Explorer and click on Tools on the toolbar. Then click on Internet Options on the menu and you will see a dialogue box; click the programs tab, at the bottom of the dialogue box there will be a check box with the sentence 'Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser.'
Put a check in the box and click on Apply and then click OK. Then close Internet Explorer and quit all other programs that you may have started; then restart the computer. Again open Internet Explorer, you will be asked if you would like Internet Explorer as your default browser; click on Yes.
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Tried this, click on internet options and get " operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer" I was using IE before.
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Its easy !
So to internet explorer then go to tools in the toolbar ->internet options -> programs -> make default  !
And thats it !
I am the guest who answer just before ,
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  • Open Set Program Access and Computer Defaults
  • To specify the default program for browser
  • click the browser default option and choose internet explorer

In order to specify the default programs then you must have administrator permission.

If you still face problem in setting this then you can call AskPCExperts at 1-800-491-3022 or visit for internet browser support.

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@Ray Dart - I didn't get your point. Please explain for which website you are saying this and why?
Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented is the website I am referring to (no longer there as of this morning) Written in very bad English.
Ray Dart
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Just go to internet explorer and go to tools-> internet options->programs->make default
and thats it !

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