How To Find My Default Router Number?


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The default router number or Default Gateways, as it’s also known, is the route for a router when no other gateway or route is known by the IP or Internet protocol Address.
The easiest way to find the default internal route number is to turn on your computer and click on the Windows orb on the bottom left hand side of your screen to bring up the programme box.
In the search box at the bottom of this list, type in the word ‘Command’ and press 'Enter.' This will open a small box on your screen. In this little box type in the word ‘IPConfig’ and press enter.
This will result in a new box coming up on the screen with the information for the ‘Default Gateway’ or default router number. This will look like a 7 or 8 digit number split up by a number of full stops.
Another way to get the IP address would be to consult the documentation that you received with your router. This may also have the Internet protocol or IP Address. This will have been set by the internet provider when the system was installed.

External WAN-IP address of routers is given when you connect to the Internet. You can see this through the routers administrative console or you can check it by going to
Another way to check you IP Address is to perform a ‘Ping Test’ or trace route command. Type the DOS Command ‘Ping-r 1’. This will send a command to the router to send back the IP address number.
This will result in a reply that will look something like this:
Reply from Bytes=32 time=294ms TTL=56
The part that is beside the word 'Route' is the Internet protocol address.
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If you are in windows, open a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes. You can also type ncpa.cpl from the run menu to open the network control panel applet then double click any connection and look at the status area.

In Linux, it can vary depending on your method, but ifconfig can offer some assistance as can YAST.
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