How Did The Microsoft Evolved And Become So Popular In The World?


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Microsoft is not popular from the day one but gradually it facilitates people that lead its name to touch the skies of glory. Everyone definitely want to know the history of this fame. I repair dll file of my windows with the help of online tips.

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Microsoft is an American computer technology company which is providing different services for the users in the field of information technology. This company has become a giant with annual revenue earned by the company is almost 44.28 billion dollar in a year which is a huge amount. The company has almost 76000 employees and working in more than one country. This corporation is providing services to different business and home user world wide. It is the biggest company in the world. The main business functions of the Microsoft are to provide development and licensing to the business and the home users for using the Microsoft products. The head quarter of the company is in the United States of America in the Washington.

The most famous product of the Microsoft which has highest sales in the worldwide is the Microsoft windows operating system. The products of the Microsoft are very famous all around the world and the Microsoft is still leader in the market of desktop computers. The mission of this corporation is that every person has computer in its home and on every computer there must be Microsoft windows. So this is the reason for the popularity of the Microsoft all around the world.

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