Does Anyone Have A Key Code For Windows XP Pro?


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It is illegal to use a key code for Windows XP Pro or any other Microsoft product when you have not purchased it.

Don't Use Key Codes From the Web
It is considered to be piracy. Any key codes or product keys that have been illegally published on the web will  have been black listed by Microsoft, so it’s not really worth trying.

Recovering Your Key Code From A Genuine Copy of Windows
If you have a genuine copy of Windows, but have just lost the key code, then you can find it using the following steps:
  1. Insert the Windows disc into your computer
  2. Open ‘my computer’
  3. Right-click on the Windows XP CD and select 'explore'.
  4. Browse for , then open the ‘USWXP32P_ZX’ folder,
  5. Then open the ‘sysprep’ folder.
  6. Double click on 'unattend.txt' to open the file - your product key should be in here.
  7. If this doesn’t work, it may be because the file is hidden, so you will need to search hidden files for 'unattend.txt'.
As long as your copy of Windows is genuine, then there is always a way to get the product key, even if you don’t have the box. It is illegal to publish product keys on the Internet, and you could be prosecuted for doing this.

It is still possible to purchase copies of Windows XP Pro from places
like Amazon. Also, there is a version available that is valid for installation on up to 3
PCs, so it is worth checking if you know someone who has this version,
but who has only installed it once or twice.
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Actually, if you have the Windows CD, locating 'UNATTEND.TXT' in the 'I386' folder works. The Product Key is the very last line of the file.
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If you still have your OS disk, you can find the product key by putting the disk in a working computer, going to 'my computer', right-clicking on whatever drive your disk is in, opening up the 'I:386' folder, and then looking for a notepad .txt file that is called 'unattend.txt'.

Open this file, and you will find the product key inside. Alternatively, you can just do a search on the disk for 'unattend.txt'.
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All of that helped but as soon as I type in in they say its an incorrect product key can u maybe help?
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All of that helped but as soon as I type in in they say its an incorrect product key can u maybe help?
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Thank you guys!!! You are awesome!

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If you've lost your certificate/sticker with the Product Key, you can find it (maybe not the same, as I've lost my certificate, I can't check) by doing this:
  1. It you have an OEM installation disc and can access another computer, stick it in the drive, make sure that the disc doesn't auto-play
  2. Open up 'My Computer'
  3. Right-click on 'WIN XP' disc icon, then select 'explore'
  4. Locate the 'i386' folder
  5. Find the file named 'UNATTENDED.TXT', or open the 'USWXP32P_ZX' folder. (it might be as hidden folder. If you cannot locate this folder, you may also search for 'unattend.txt' and mark 'Search Hidden Files')
  6. Scroll to bottom of the text file, and you should see a product code
Please note that using illegal Product Codes constitutes a violation of applicable laws, and you might be prosecuted in a court of law (assuming they can find you).  Windows may be substandard programming, but it's not freeware or shareware.
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Check the Microsoft web site. They'll give you a key if your computer came pre-installed with Windows. (any version). Some of the illegal keys might work, but only three times before Microsoft caches on.

Be careful if doing an over the phone activation. The link for the key is: Key generators only work half of the time, and if you use a key already used by someone else, Windows will not update by itself, you will have to do it manually. Good luck!
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The thing is, when you use a bootlegged key, Microsoft won't validate it. You can't get the automatic updates, so watch it.  Everything has to be done manually.
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You are basically stealing a licensed copy from Microsoft and expecting Microsoft to be completely satisfied with this, and even allowing you to have full access to the Microsoft Update Server without any restrictions whatsoever? You'd better think again my friends.

This is illegal and pursuant to violation of Microsoft Laws that govern their sole property rights. Just buy your own license. It's much cheaper than paying attorney fees and fines.

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