How Can I Take A Snapshot Of A Page In Google Chrome?


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If it is like windows you can right click in the screen and then select all and put it in a e-amil and send it to yourself or anyone.or low tech use a digital camera/phone and then send the picture to whomever/or download it from the phone. Some sites are protected from copying information from their site.
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Well, I don't know if the browser has a built-in feature for doing this. But there are a lot of softwares which can do it. For example, there is greenshot

which has both installer and portable versions.

Of course, you can always hit F11 to enter full screen mode and then hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard, and then open MSPaint and press ctrl+V. :D
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If you are using Windows Internet Explorer. You can also add Firefox. Its 100% safer and has many add-ons like Screen Grab, Record, and Download. These are much easier and safer. Its free...
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I can answer this if you're using Windows: Pressing the 'Print-Screen' key on your keyboard, typically on the top row and to the right side, labelled Prt Sc.  After pressing that, the screenshot is in the clipboard.  Start up your favourite graphics editing program (even mspaint will do) and paste the screenshot as a new image.

If you need more detail from the screenshot, put Chrome in full-screen mode by pressing F11 or clicking on the 'spanner' button (top right in Chrome) and selecting Full screen.

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