How Can I Use Tor In Google Chrome?


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It is possible to use Tor in Google Chrome, and although there is no add-on, it is possible to configure the settings to make it work in the web browser.

  • Setting up Tor in Google Chrome
The best way to set up Tor in Google Chrome is to configure the settings upon launch. The following command should be run: Google-chrome --proxy- server=";https=; socks=; sock4=; sock5=" --incognito check The command that is typed in informs Google Chrome to load up using the proxy settings and ensures that all extensions use the local host port of 8118.

The command then tells Google Chrome to load incognito and to verify the program. Ensure that any versions of Google Chrome are closed before entering the command.

  • Tor
Tor is free software that allows people security from surveillance and allows them to conduct their online relationships and transactions confidentially. Tor also prevents people from knowing your Internet activity, and from knowing your location when you are visiting sites. Tor works with most applications, as well as being compatible with Instant Messaging software and web browsers.

  • Google Chrome
This is a web browser that uses the WebKit layout, and was originally released for Microsoft Windows in September 2008. It was later developed for use on Linux and Mac OS X. Chrome enables automatic updates, as well as benefiting from a built in PDF reader, which speeds up searches that have documents with PDF files. Google Chrome is one of the more stable web browsers and is also secure and fast, and is simple to use.
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Options - under picture of wrench at top right
under the hood - tab
change proxy settings - button
connections - tab
Lan Settings - button
Use a proxy server for your LAN - check box
Address: Localhost
Port: 8118

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