How To Make "A Google Chrome Window" Always On Top?


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Many users of Google Chrome have asked for the browser to include a feature that allows you to set it to always stay on top of the screen. However, as of now there is no feature currently available in the browser to do so. This does not mean that you cannot set your Google Chrome to always be on top. It merely means that you will not be able to do it using a feature in Chrome itself.  This means utilizing outside tools to achieve the results you want.
There are plenty of standalone programs that can be downloaded for the purpose. With this software you can determine which programs on your computer you wish to keep on top at all times. While this software will work for Google Chrome, the benefit is that it is not strictly for Chrome so it may be used on other programs and windows as well. There is no additional cost for the software and generally they are easy to use.
One that you might find handy is called Always on Top and can be downloaded from .  Always on Top allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts that tell your computer which of your programs and windows you want to leave on top of your screen. This program does not require advanced knowledge as it only uses a single line of coding to make it work. Set it up easily to make Chrome always on top and reset it back to original settings just as quickly and effectively
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This extension does the job inside the browser w/o third part apps
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Go to 'google chrome' and sign up

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