Is there a way to block all ads on google chrome?


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If you are using google chrome and encountering annoying pop ups then it can be malicious and have entered your system through technical support scams  or other source. To stop such pop ups install ITL Antivirus that can block them and also secure your computer from all malicious Malware and viruses.

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Johnlay John answered

Yes there are many ways by which you can block all types of ads on google chrome.

You can either use ad blocker extension on google chrome or you can go for wintonic which has the ability to block all types of ads on google chrome.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

Yes go to Chrome Store look for Adblock extensions that should do it for you  it's not hard to find . You can even Google "How to find the best Adblocker for my Chrome Browser " ? Myself i recommend the Adblock Ultimate it's a very good adblocker does not take much memory only blocks ads that are really ads . It won't block sites that are useful. I would not recommend using uBlock Origin it blocks sites that are useful . Also recommend using Malware Bytes to stop and prevent Malware from coming on your computer. These tools are on here you just need to check it out.

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I think yes.

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