I Just Bought A DVD, VHS Recorder, But Some Not All VHS Tapes Are Blocked And I Can't Record To A DVD. Is There A Way Around This.?


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I think you bought a combination DVD/VCR, which allows you to play and watch both VHS tapes and DVD disks.  But usually with these combos, you can only do VCR recordings, not DVD.

I am not sure what you mean "VHS tapes are blocked".  Do you mean that some DVD's are protected and you can't play the DVD and record it on VCR?
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Israel  Nunez
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It records DVD's from VHS. I already did a few movies, but some are blocked.
Larry Patterson
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Pardon my error. But many VHS tapes (purchased movies) are also protected and I think I first encountered that more than 10 years ago.
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Your up against macrovision,  Its a signal that is embedded on VHS tapes, When it is decoded by a DVR it   stops the DVR  from recording copy protected VHS tapes.
You will have to use a analog video capture device to create a AVI file, then when you have the AVI file you can then encode it to a DVD file & burn a DVD using Nero or similar.  This is a long winded process but will work.
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No if the tape you are trying to copy onto dvd says copy protected some tapes are copy protected some are not its pot luck

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