Is There A Devise I Can Use To Covert VHS-C Tapes To DVD. Can I Edit Them After They Are Done?


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Yes, I finally figured it out, and it's easier than we thought. First of all a VHS/DVD combo, will not work. You need two (2) VHS machines, To bypass the copy write block, you'll also need a digital video stabilizer, and you can buy one of those at their website The stabilizer get's hooked up between the two VHS machines. Make sure that you VHS/DVD machine is you second machine. I've been doing this for years, and it works. Have fun, and now enjoy recording
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Yes there are many devices for converting from vhs tapes to dvd format.The most popular and efficient one is the device called "Dvd xpress".Here is its link for more info:

dvd xpress

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