Is It Worth Repairing A 10 Year Old TV Or Should It Be Replaced?


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For entertainment purpose when you are using a 10 year old TV then you are missing much of the multimedia functions provided in the latest models of the TV sets used now a days. I would recommend you to change your TV if you want to enjoy more the colors of entertainment. However, sometimes a thing is very dear to you (like a gift from a special person or a thing bought with your first salary or a thing which you inherent from your elder generation etc.). If your first television is of that type then you may have it along with the new TV as an antique.

But for the simple answer to the question that is it worth repairing a 10 year old TV or it should be replaced, most of the people would suggest you to replace the 10 year old TV with a new one. Even in the TV models, there is a variety of choices available to choose from. There are flatiron, plasma and other various styles with different graphic enhancements. You should check that how much cost you have to buy a TV. Also check the prices of different companies to get a better TV.
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The picture on the screen is starting to bounce around a little bit, it seem to come and go. Is the tv worth fixing or should I just get a new one. ITS is a 32in  panasonic that is around 10 yrs old . Thanks

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