How Can I Convert Video To DVD?


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DVD killed the video or so it may seem. Many have given up on their videos as they sit idly gathering dust. It is quite easy to rent a DVD or buy one instead of tolerating the inferior quality of a video cassette. In order to convert VHS tapes to DVD, you need an analog video converter. Then you can copy the video to a digital file and compress it to MPEG-2 format. Next, you can use a burning software to copy the files on a blank DVD disc.

Install a video capture device in your computer. This device should come with recording software. The video capture device could be internally installed or an external instrument. Connect the out A/V connectors to input A/V of the video capture device and then choose the video source of the software. The files will be saved in the AVI format. The software that can be used for conversion are usually DVD maker plus or Pinnacle Studio.
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To convert a video to DVD to play on your DVD player, you need to use a software named dvd burner. I use this dvd burner to convert and burn my favorite movies and video to DVD, and it works well for me. You might try some other dvd burner too, but remember that before you buy one, make sure the dvd burner could support many video format and has more functions like editting, cropping and trimming ...
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It's very easy, you can try to use an professional dvd programs to help you convert almost any videos to DVD without losing quality.

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For this purpose I use very simple and free but good program called: Free Video to DVD Converter. This is exactly what you need. This program can converts videos of any video format to a DVD format and burns them to a DVD disk, which can be played on any home DVD player. Source:

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The firstly item you should think about is iDVD. It is used to burn DVDs and it can also create DVD menus on Mac. The menus come in a variety of styles and themes and are easy to customize.

How To Burn a DVD Using iDVD?

If it doesn't work for you, turn to use Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac. (My favorite)

If you are using Windows system, then give a try on Windows Media Player. It lets you burn files from your pictures, videos and music libraries.

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Using on vcr and dvd recorder how do I connect them together to put vcr tapes onto dvd recorder
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You could get a professional at the dvd store to do it or place it on the computer and then burn it on a blank dvd disk.
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I want to share a wonderful soft ware with you. It's called Aimersoft Video to DVD Converter.oh, I like Aimersoft DVD Creator,it provides 30+ dvd menus, including some beautiful Xmas DVD Memu Templates.
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Hi, I'm Jonna. I want to share a wonderful soft ware with you. It's called Aimersoft Video to DVD converts various video to DVD,such as mov,avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, 3gp, mod, tod, vob, ts, m2ts, tp, trp, mkv, flv,  asf, rmvb, that, etc. Maybe you can try it ~  ~  ~. For more information, CLiiiiiiiCK  HERE !!!
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Try uSeesoft DVD Creator , it is a really powerful and convenient video to DVD burner which is able to convert and burn almost all videos like avi,mp4,mov, h.264,etc to DVD disks.

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