What Software Is Free And Can Convert Full Length Dvd's To My Ipod Video ?


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Well this depends if your using a Mac or a windows based machine. For the Mac you can use a combination of MactheRipper (which you can download it here) to rip the dvd to your hardrive, but this file will be an exact copy of the dvd and be very very big. So to reduce the size and convert it to a file the ipod can read I use Handbrake, which is available in both PC and Mac versions (you can download this here). Handbrake will reduce the file size and convert it to a mp4 which is readable by the ipod. Whilst doing this takes a while, its well worth it  great to get full length movies on your ipod! Also beware these files can be very big even when they are converted (close to 1gb) so doing this can soon suck up all your free space!
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I don't think such a product exists, at least not in a freeware form.but if you need I think you could try iJoysoft DVD Ripper Standard.

I hope this helps.
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I had a quick look for some  free windows compatible tools which can do this and I found this  free-dvd-ripper. hope that helps.

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