I have made a website in powerpoint and I have converted it to html using ispring converter can someone tell my the code within the html file that I have to delete to remove the watermark of the free trial Thanks and I dont have time to make another website on a different software


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Ray Dart answered

It can be done in several ways in several places. Websites created in this sort of way are usually very badly-constructed when it comes to the html that has been generated. There will be a LOT of code that:

(a) Does nothing.

(b) Does something, but badly and in an over-complicated way.

(c) You cannot fathom.

(d) Does something OK, but very slowly.

Why not try to construct the website using the html you can understand? You'll learn a whole lot about html, websites and of course, you won't put the watermark in.

AND it's fun.

(Incidentally, you can learn a lot about website coding and construction by looking at the code for this site. It's not particularly sophisticated, but it's nice and tight and easy to understand).

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