How do i make my sim marry her boyfriend on Sims 1? (On PC) I have sims 1 (No add-on packs) and my sim is in love with this other one. He feels the same way about her but whenever she proposes (I want him to move into her house) he makes up a stupid excuse and denies it. I have tried to get them to marry for ages, and really need help! I've visited many websites but none of there answers work!! Btw the 2 sims are NOT in the same house... Thanks!! Really need your help :P


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Is your female Sim financially stable? Because sometimes the male would refuse to marry the female if she is not economically stable. I once had that problem with my single mother with two sons who wanted to be an actress but was making minimum wage. It was kind of frustrating. That's why I now like playing The Sims 2 and 3 since they are easier to control. But try that and see what happens. It worked with me (the kids got sent to military school since they were doing so poorly in school and she was able to get back on her feet with money). Also check the personalities of your Sims. Sometimes some negative ones who are mean or grumpy or whatever are less likely to say yes when they are proposed to.

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Thanks for the answer, and yes my sim is financially stable, she has a good wage working as a doctor... And they both kinda like the same, so im unsure why he wont accept... At first i thought it may have something to do with a guy that also *Loves* her, but once i sorted that, the other sim still denied the marriage....

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