Free Windows Vista Enterprise Product Key? Who Can Show Me?


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.Free Windows Vista Enterprise product keys are not available for several reasons. Not only is Windows Vista Enterprise only available to companies or IT professionals that are Microsoft Software Assurance customers, but it is not sold to the public through the usual retail outlets and, furthermore,It does  require a product key to activate but the product key can be entered through a network server instalation program.
Activation of business operating software such as Windows Enterprise involves installign and activating  designated computers via a network connection or by logging into a company network with a username and password through the internet. It is therefore very unlikely that a free product key will be available as shareware on the internet for this piece of software.

According to the Information Services department of MIT University ( Windows Vista Enterprise is different to previous versions of Enterprise that run on operating systems such as XP in that it does not require a product key at all. Instead the computer on which it is installed needs to be activated within a month of installation.

Failure to activate the computer within a 30-day period will result in the computer going into reduced functionality mode in which the user will be locked out and a reinstallation of the operating software may be required.  This is because of the tightened security measures provided by Microsoft to avoid software pirating.

Another option may be to download a free trial of the latest version of Windows Enterprise from the Microsoft website.  ( Currently this is Windows 7 Enterrpise but no doubt these will soon be superceded by another version of the popular operating system. Trials usually last for 90 days, after which users will be required to purchase the full product if they wish to keep using the software.

In the case of Enterprise, this may mean registering with them as an IT professional.  More information can be obtained by visiting:

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Win7_Activator & Vista.  ... Works well with all vista versions. I used it to activate Vista enterprise SP1 X64.

                                                                                                            100% success
I downloaded it through google search for pirated Windows 7.
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Yes,, you find out What is your Product KEY

Just Download a Software

(Windows 7 All versions Plus Patch 1.0.1 Final  By Orbit30) It is Free....

Open the software and see your Product KEY

Thank You
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No free product key is available for windows vista enterprise edition either on web or on torrent. Please use genuine windows since the keygens even can't help in this case.
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I need a product key vista enterprise is any ane can help me
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How can I get my toshiba product key
when ever I log on my user after that AM getting the error to enter the ;product key
model name:satellite A200-24A
Model no:PSAE3E-06301KAR
Serial no:28130736k
window vista enterprise

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