My Dvd/cd Drive Is Disable What Do I Do? I Don't Have Software.


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You can enable your DVD/CD drive by using the following methods.
First method:
(1) Right click on "my computer" icon and select the "manage" option. A window will open and you will see a list of items on the left hand side of that window.
(2) Click on device manager, you will see a list of icons on the right hand side of the window.
(3) Double click on the icon "DVD/CD-ROM drives". You see a list of CD and DVD drives which you have in your computer. IF your DVD/CD drive is disable, then you will see a symbol of cross on DVD/CD icon.
(4) For enabling your DVD/CD drive just right click on your DVD/CD and select enable.
Similarly you can enable and disable other devices of your computer. You can also update driver for any specific device.

Second Method:
(1) Right click on the "start" button of your desktop.
(2) Go to the control panel via settings.
(3) Double click on the "Add hardware" icon. Add hardware wizard window will open.
(4) Click on the next button window will start to search devices which are connected to your computer.
(5) if window does not detect any hardware which is installed in your computer then it will show you a screen with two options as " yes, I have already connected the hardware" and " No, I have not added the hardware yet". Click the first option. You will see list of devices installed in your computer and if your CD/DVD drive is disabled then you will see Red Cross sign on that.
(6) Just double click on CD/DVD icon and follow the steps to unable it.

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