How Do I Put Movies On An External Hard Drive?


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External hard drives are excellent investments, especially if you are a bit of a film buff. With computers getting every the more complex and the ever present fear of it breaking and losing all of our data as a result means that external hard drives are a wise idea to keep not just movies but photos, music and files safe and sound. But how to use them?

Well, whether or not the job will be simple will depend upon the size of your hard drive. If you splash on a 1TB hard drive you should have no problem when it comes to films! However if you have a smaller hard drive such as 1GB you may have a problem that you cannot put all the films you want to on it; a film itself can take up to 3GB depending on what it is! If this is the case, you either need to buy an external hard drive with a larger capacity or ‘shrink’ the memory size of your films in order to allow you to copy them across. If you Google shrink movies it comes up with plenty of links which enable you to do this, but be careful to find a trustworthy site so that the smaller file you receive does not have viruses attached! You have been warned!

Once your movies are of sufficient size to fit your external hard drive, all you have to do is copy them across from their existing location into the external hard drive area (you will need to connect it to the USB port first!!) You should then be left with a collection of movies which you can take anywhere, and can delete the movies off your computer in order to free up memory and allow that to run smoother! Bingo!
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You must copy the folder of the DVD and after that you should save it to the external hard drive. The second option is that, save the DVD in the USB and then save it in the hard drive, if these two would not work then ask someone who is master in doing it.
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Well, this is a common problem, you'd need to have DVD shrink. The DVDs are usually more than 3gb and it actually depends on the size of your external hard drive. The following link will help you a lot. Hope it works. Good luck.
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You must download movie first then the movie can be put or transfer in any drive.

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