How Do You Fit A Hard Drive?


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Installing a hard drive to your computer is very easy. While handling the hard drive, make sure you do not drop it by mistake or you do not bent the connecting pins. If any of the pin gets bent, then your hard drive might not work, which would mean that whatever you have stored on your hard drive like music, movies, pictures etc, will be lost

First of all, you will have to open the cabinet of your computer. Now, depending upon the build of the cabinet, there may be different compartments to install the hard drive. Once you have inserted the hard drive, connect the one end of the grey-coloured data cable to the hard drive whereas the other end is connected to the port available for connection of hard disk.

There are two types of ports which are commonly found on the motherboard of your computer namely STAT and IDE .IDE are large compared to SATA Also connect the power cable of the hard drive. Once the connection is done properly, switch on the computer, you will see that the hard disk is detected in My computer (this is possible only when you are connecting a secondary hard disk).

The other way to check if your hard disk is detected by going into the BIOS by pressing F2 or Del key as soon as the computer starts.

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