How Many Photos Will 320 Gb External Hard Drive Hold?


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The amount of digital photos that can be kept on a 360 GB external hard drive really depends on the file size you save your photographs at. However, on average you should be able to fit between 60,000 and 90,000 digital photos on a 360 GB external hard drive.

When using a DSLR camera you will have many shooting options to choose from and these options give different file forms and differing file sizes. Therefore if like many photographers you prefer to shoot all your photographs in RAW file format, so you have more control when editing later, then these files will take up a lot more room than the standard jpeg format.

Again, when choosing jpeg format photos you can also choose the quality setting of these. There are normally around three differing options of quality and, as you can understand, the higher the quality you choose the larger the file sizes and therefore the more room they would take up on a 360 GB external hard drive.

For most, the 360 GB external hard drive will certainly be big enough to hold all of your photos. However, if you think you may need more space, it is worth considering the 500 GB version that isn't that much more expensive. You don't want to sacrifice your photos for a few extra dollars.
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Assuming that the photos average 5mb each.  The number would be just over 65,000.

The following calculator is useful. A GB is 1000X more than a MB.  A terabyte is 100X more than a GB.

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