How Can I Burn A Dvd To An External Hard Drive?


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I think you want to rip a dvd and not burn it to an external hard drive.For this you will need to attach your external hard drive to your pc and then rip or burn the desired dvd by using and dvd ripping software like "copy to dvd" and select its destination as your external hard drive.
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For Mac users:
You can try out a third party software : Mac DVD Copy Pro
which can help mac users easily Copy dvd movies to External Hard Drive on Mac OS X (including Snow Leopard)
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Well, is the DVD protected? If not, you can just use Nero to do the job.

But if it is protected by CSS, you may need to download a convert to help you. There are many on the internet, and you can choose a better one. For me, I use Daniusoft DVD ripper, it can rip dvd to all kinds of video formats with fast speed and ideal quality, and it is also very easy to use.

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