How Do I Burn Downloaded Videos From Limewire To A DVD-r Using My DVD R/rw Drive?


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andrew keller answered
Download it than enqueue it next drag it to the desktop than open up windows media player and pull the desktop icon to where it says burn than begin burning.
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Anonymous commented
ive downloaded the video but my limewire wont allow me 2 click enqueue what can i do?
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Rupesh Panchal answered
You need software like Nero or Roxio to burn DVDs. So download that and install it first then follow the prompts to burn a Movie etc.
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I'm afraid you couldn't burn the videos to a DVD-r using DVD rw drive. To burn video to DVD, you need DVD drive, and you also need a DVD burner software to have the job done.
I know a DVD burner software which could decrypt the movie first and then burn it to DVD successfully.
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Penny Harris
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What dvd software is it? This is what I need......a simple way to take movies downloaded on frost wire, decript it (encode...whatever) and then burn to dvd.
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Yeah I have avs4you could I use tat if I downloaded my movie from limewire?
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Well. My oldest son encountered this same problem, so he downloaded a dvd encripter program to convert the media so the programs could use it.

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