I Want To Put Music Onto A Blank CD From The Computer. There Are So Many Different Songs, Belonging To Different Artists And Genres. How Do I Sort Them And Put Them Onto The Blank CD?


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It isn’t difficult to put music onto a blank CD from the computer. Your computer should have iTunes software installed, but if it doesn’t, you can download all that you need for free from the Apple website. The operating system you have depends on which version of the software you’ll need to download.

You will need a blank CD-R disc, but not a CD-RW disc because the latter will not play in an ordinary CD player.

OK, here goes: All you have to do is to open iTunes and click onto the ‘File’ menu. From that, click onto ‘New Playlist’ and then give your new playlist a name so you can always find it easily. This will show in the left sidebar of the iTunes application.
When you have done that, click onto the ‘Music’ option, and that will open your music library.

Click onto the songs that you want and drag them from your music library to the new play list that you have just created. You will know if they have been accepted onto the playlist because you will see a green plus sign. It will be up to you what you select so you will need to decide how you are going to order your choice of songs, artists and genres.

Once you are happy with your selection, insert the blank CD-R into your computer and click onto the ‘Burn Disc’ option that is in the bottom right hand corner of the iTunes app. Once it has finished, the disc will self eject and there you have it: A CD that’s organised and ready for use in the car or in your stereo!
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Well you can do this by very simple method. The thing you are asking can be done by burning the computer data onto CD. You can do this by using any software for burning the computer data on the CD. Simple and easy way is by your music player either the media player 10 or jet audio.

1. First of all you have to open your jet audio player.
2. Then you will see a burn button on the top bar of the jet audio main window, click on that burn button. A window will be open.
3. Here you will see multiple buttons like add files, add albums etc.
4. Click the add files button, another window will be open, so from here browse for your music files.
5. You can select the whole files in a music folder. It's not necessary that you select one by one.
6. After selecting click on the open or double click on the selected files. All of your files will be loaded into the burning window.
7. Then here you can enter the artist name and title of the song for each specific song.
8. After entering the name and title click on the start button.
So your burning of the data on CD will be start, and at the lower left hand side it will also show you the duration of the burning.
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Ok so I tried to do what you said and I can only play my music on computers, I wanted the CD for cars and CD players but they always say no disc or just won't play! Can you walk me through it again?
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I want a step by tutorial on how to put music onto a blank cd from my PC. Also put the answers on the same page sos I don't have to keep switching back--losing info
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You have 2 go 2 itunes
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Go to windows media player but you have to put music onto the computer press burn pick the music you want and press start burn ath the bottom on the right side
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What About not paying for anything. Because I tried all of that and nothing works they all need a payment!
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It is simple first insert all the blank cd in your cd drive and simply open windows media player and click burn disc and put data and files that you like
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You can easily download free music using programs like kazaa, Limewire and Morpheus. All you have to do is go to their website, download the program and then install it.

You can search music using criteria like Artist, song title, and album. You should download it in the MP3 format so that you can easily write them on a CD.

Once you have downloaded the songs, you can convert the, to MP3 if they are already not in it. Then you can get a CD-R and burn it with the songs you want. These would play in any stereo. You can use Nero or any other software to burn the CD.
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Well I read on wikianswers that you go to itunes and make a playlist, and then after you have to press burn it and walla its done but when I tried that I couldnt see the burn it button, I hope I have been help but I doubt it thanks for reading!
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Just tell me how to put music on a blank cd

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