How Do I Copy A DVD Onto My Computer And Then Make A New Copy Onto A Blank DVD?


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To make a copy of a DVD onto your computer, you will firstly need to ensure you have the proper software and a DVD burner on your system.
DVD copy software is often provided free with a new system, however it can also be downloaded free of charge from a number of sources. This will allow you to make a copy of a non copyrighted DVD onto your computer and burn it onto a blank disk.
If the disc is copyrighted it is illegal to copy the DVD.
To copy a DVD, place it in the CD/DVD drive and put it in the computer. Now open up the software and wait for the disc to load. On most software there is the option at the top or the side of the screen to copy. This is usually a prominent box on the screen that should be very evident. Click on this box and your DVD should copy to whichever folder you select on your computer.
This can often take a significant amount of time as DVDs are usually large files- often up to 4.3GB. This file will then be kept on your computer.
Next, remove your disc from the computer after it has fully completed its copy. Now replace it with a blank DVD disc. Stay within the same software and wait for the blank disc to load.
You will now be able to select a burn option. This facility will let you select the file you wish to burn, which should be the one you just copied and should be where you copied it to. Select this file and then just click copy. This should then automatically copy to your blank disc. Usually you will know when it is finished as the bar will fill on the screen to show you how it is progressing. When it is finished it will usually auto eject. You then have a copy of your DVD.
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You need to have DVD Rom for doing such purpose. Then you can copy any file of DVD just like you copy CD. Insert the DVD into DVD ROM, then copy paste your desired file. If you want to make a new copy of it, you should also have DVD Burner. You can purchase 2 in 1 as well i.e DVD ROM and burner together. You can burn any DVD by using NERO burner. Or any other DVD burner software.

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