How Do I Make Media Player Classic My Default Player? When I Put A Dvd In, A Box With With Choose Wondows Media, Open Files, Or Take No Action Come Up?


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Ambrose Duperon answered
In Media Player Classic, you go to view on the menu bar. Then scroll down to options. Then go to formats in the options screen. There on the bottom you will see a section that says Autoplay (XP Only) Click on DVD and video then click on OK and you are done.  If you want the movies to begin in full screen. Once again on the options screen under the playback section click on Full screen then put a check mark in launch files in Full Screen. This option is available on build 1.5.  I also have build 1.1 on another computer and this option is not available.
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Faisal Bhatti answered
Simply go to the Tools tab in the menu bar of your media player, from there select the Options, in Options choose the File Types tab and select the audio/video formats which you want to play on the media player.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
You must choose to make Media player Classic your default player at the time of installation. Now some other program is your default player. You have to uninstall it and reinstall it to make it your default player.

Otherwise you can open media player classic anytime by clicking the right button of the mouse and choose open with from the menu.

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