What Do I Need To Copy A DVD?


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A program on your computer to shrink files - Dvd shrink 3.2. You can download it for free off the net. You will also need a dvd burner and writable dvd discs that are compatible with your burner. Most dvd burners have an indication on them which discs are best suited.

What dvd shrink does is compact the original dvd files onto your computer and then you can burn those files to the writable dvd.

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You just need a DVD COPY software to copy protected DVD to computer, such as
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Copying a DVD is same as that of to copy a CD and you need a DVD writer and the specific software. When you install the DVD writer in your computer the supporting software 'Nero' is also required to be installed.

When you are done with the abovementioned process you should insert the DVD in the writer. After that you should open the supporting software that you have installed and after that you should find the option of DVD and select it.

In the software 'Nero' there is an option to copy DVD, you should click on the option and the next page will appear and you just to select the speed with which you want to write the DVD. There is another drag down option to select the image writer and DVD writer. If you select the image writer it will copy the DVD as an image file to your hard drive. If you select DVD writer it will start the process of copping DVD and after completion of the process of copying the DVD will automatically come out. Now you have to insert the blank DVD. This will start writing process of DVD. Then follow the instructions on screen till it finish.

Given above the process to copy a DVD and you need to follow the process and go ahead.
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Hello! Many people may recommend you DVD shrink or Nero to copy DVD, but they also say that these two programs fail when copying copy protected DVDs. It is true that not all DVD Copy software can copy protected DVD.
Here is a nice DVD Copy which I use to backup my DVDs, it can remove the copy protection and copy DVD successfully. You might have a try!
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Hmm, you need a dvd copy tool !
I often copy DVD from one disc onto another by Aimersoft DVD Copy. It could copy D5 to D5, D5 to D9, D9 to D9 or D9 to D5. Also,with this DVD backup software, you are allowed to copy  full
movie,only main movie or custom mode. Further more you can select and preview desired titles on DVD, then burn them to
DVD with multi choice. Learn more details from here. it helps you!!

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