How Can I Copy Data To DVD-r?


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First of all, you need to have a DVD-writer installed in your PC.
The procedure for copying data onto a DVD-R is straight forward - It works same as copying data onto a Pen drive or a floppy disk or any other disk.
To copy Norton360 onto DVD-R, just copy the folder and paste it into your CD/DVD drive. A wizard will show up and you just need to click next on every step until it is completed. During the wizard, you will be asked to type in DVD Label or some other text. You can skip all that by clicking "Next" everytime.
You can also use a DVD Burner. It is a software that guides you to copy data onto a DVD. It is preferred over Windows Copy/Paste because it has extra features you can use, such as drag and paste selected files in your desired folder or location. DVD-Burner can also erase a DVD-RW. Generally copying data using Burners is faster than using Windows Copy and Paste.
You can download a free DVD Burner online.
Try this link and this.

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