How Do I Make A DVD Play Automatically When I Insert It Into My Computer?


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This is very simple. A variety of software can be downloaded from the websites to run the DVDs. All most all the software support this function. You just need to configure your software to run DVDs automatically.

If you are using CyberLink Power DVD Player, then you can configure it to run DVDs automatically. Click the right button of your mouse on the Power DVD Player window and select configuration from the popup menu bar. A dialogue box will appear, in General tag select the default DVD drive. Select first, third and fourth check boxes from the list.

The first check box shows "Play automatically upon inserting disc". The third check box shows "Show icon in system tray when minimized" and the fourth shows "Run power DVD automatically at windows startup". The third option will be available if you check the fourth option. Re-start you computer and insert the DVD in the drive. It will start playing automatically. You don't have to do anything for this.

This procedure is only for Cyberlink Power DVD Player. If you are using any other software then just try its configuration settings. You will find something like these options with slightly different wordings and different options.

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