How Can I Find Out Which DVD Drive I Am Using?


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Michelle Ngo Profile
Michelle Ngo answered
Either look inside of the dvd for the imformation on on the cover of the dvd. It should say which DVD drive you are using.
Shalin Choksi Profile
Shalin Choksi answered
This should not be that difficult for you to check. You can easily find out the DVD drive you are using just by looking at it. In order to look for the DVD drive, you need to look straight at your Central Processing Unit (CPU) and you should start looking from the top of it. Most of the times, CD or DVD drives are located in the first few sections of the CPU. You shall be able to spot it as there will be a DVD sign or symbol and one or two buttons near it. The name of the manufacturing company must also be written on it. In order to make it work, press the buttons which opens the CD tray, place a DVD and press the same button again.

This way you will be able to find out the kind of a DVD drive you have been using all this while.

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