How Can I Get DVD Screeners?


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Screener is an advanced version of a video or a DVD copy of a movie. These movies are ones which are sent to awards, film fraternity professionals, critics, directors, producers and other people involved in making the film, and distributors. Whenever a screener is sent to these people, the individual screeners are always marked with distinct markings. This ensures that the illegal copies of the screener are not created.

In the year 2003, due to issues concerning piracy, MPAA announced that they would stop circulation of screeners to Academy Awards. The MPAA later announced new policy for proper usage of the screener wherein the recipients of screeners sign a legal bond that the screeners would not be distributed to anybody else.
Downloading and distribution of screeners will result in illegal circulation of screeners which is considered as a crime. People accessing screeners by breaking the law will be punished severely.
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