How Do I Insert A Table Into My Microsoft Word Document?


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To insert a table, click on the small table icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen in Microsoft Word (it should say 'Insert Table' when you hover over the icon). When you click on the icon, a box with small squares will appear. Choose how many rows and columns you want your table to have by dragging the mouse over the squares. A 1x1 table will give you one row and column. A 2x2 table will give you a table with two rows and two columns and so on. When you have decided how big you want your table to be, click the mouse to insert the table into your word document.

Another way of inserting a table is to click on 'Table' then click 'Insert Table'. You can type in the number of columns and rows you want your table to have and also how big you want the width of the column to be. Clicking on 'Autoformat' will allow you to select different styles of table. Click on 'OK' to insert the table.

You can also draw your own table by either clicking on the draw table icon (a picture of a grid with a pencil on it), or by clicking on 'Table' and then 'Draw Table'. You can draw the table by dragging out the box to create the outside of the table and then drawing the columns and rows in using the mouse.

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