How To Save Document From Microsoft Word To Cd-rw?


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1st make sure your CD-ROM is CD-RW
2nd what windows are you using now?? If using windows xp then just copy and paste only
3rd try to use Nero software to burn what you want,and easy to use
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I can partially help.  Make sure of a couple obvious your CD drive is compatible with CD-RW( and any device you'll be playing back on also is).  Another thing would be the software you use to transfer the file over to the CD.  I use Roxio...and their Drag-to-Disk option.  I just drag the file onto the disc.
These days everyone is using a flash drive(or cruzer) for this purpose.  Most computers have a USB port and they're cost is way down there.  4GB is around $40 now. 
If you're going to play your CD on someone else's computer make sure it's finalized.
Hope some of this helps.
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I'm told that a CD-RW's content can't be changed once burned.  However, you can send your content to a new, unused CD-RW for saving, editing, or burning.  Look into Microsoft's website
for free word 2007 help.

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