How Do I Change My Word Document From Portrait To Landscape?


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In Microsoft Word, click on 'File', and then click on 'Page Setup'. This will bring up the page setup window. Click on the 'Paper Size' tab. Underneath 'Orientation', there are two options, 'Portrait' and 'Landscape'. Click on the 'Landscape' option. A preview of the document will appear on the right. If you are happy with the landscape option, click on 'OK'. This will be applied to your document. You can either start off with a landscape document, or you can change it after you have typed out the contents of the document.

You can also change the orientation of selected text by highlighting the text and then clicking on 'File' and then 'Page Setup'. In the 'Paper Size' tab underneath 'Orientation', click on 'Landscape' and then click on 'Selected Text' in the 'Apply To' box.
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Set up portrait and landscape on same word document

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