What Are The Instructions For Creating The African Ankh (cross) Symbol In A Word Document Using MS Word?


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Yooti Bhansali answered
In order to create and install symbols in MS word, one has to simply follow the given instructions:

After opening MS word, click on the heading 'Insert', select 'Symbol' and then click on the 'Special Character' option on the upper left side. Then, click on the 'Autocorrect' option on the lower left side. Look for an option called as 'Replace' that will probably be located in the centre below the checked boxes. Select the option 'Plain Text', go back to 'Replace' and type out a rough version of the symbol you want. Then click on 'Add; and its done. This is how one can create one's own symbol. To get a symbol onto a word document that cannot be typed, simply copy the symbol from its present location and paste it onto the document.

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