What Is The Use Of MS Word?


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The MS-Word is word processing software. This software belongs the MS-Office Suit. MS-Word can be used to type any kind of document like applications, letters, memos, news letters and etc. Earlier versions of MS-Word lack the facility of WYSIWYG. But the latest versions provide very advanced facilities for word processing.

MS-Word also provides the support for images. We can insert, rotate and resize the images within the documents. MS-Word facilitates to create hyperlinks and we can also save our documents as web pages to create websites. We can draw special drawing object with ease. We can insert different shapes and organization charts as well. In short MS-Word is a power word processing application.
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MS Word or Microsoft Word is a text sheet where you can type documents, any kind of documents where you can save this file to any memory storage in you computer like the hard disk drive, floppy disk drive or can be in a removable storage device like USB ^^,

You can use it to type, resumes, letters, research, reports, assignments, etc.. ^^ and you can improve it's font( colors, texture, type and size)

^^ that is the main use of MS Word
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MS Word is used for documentation, writing official / personal letter etc.
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  MS word processors are offering really good support images and even videos.
  You can design even a web page in your modern processor.
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In modern word
  processors, you get in built dictionaries, which take care of your spellings
  and grammer. These word processors allow professionals to add their own
  dictionaries so they have very little chance of error with these word
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As the name suggest, it is a word processor. It is used to write and compose
  letter, books applications etc.
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MS Word or Micro Soft Word is a word processing application that allows you to type out a letter or many other various things. It has templates for resumes, letters, faxes, and many other things and also has tools to check spelling, grammar and again, many other things.

MS Word comes as part of the MS Office application or can be purchased separately. MS Office has a spreadsheet application (Excel), a presentation application (Power Point) a database application (Access) and there are several other add on applications that you can get for it.

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