What Are The Characteristics And Uses Of Microsoft Word And Excel? I Am Studying And This Is One Of My Assignment Questions....


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Kindly send me characteristics of microsoft word
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Characteristics of Microsoft excel
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The core properties of Microsoft word are:
- Automatically updated properties
- Present Properties
- Keywords
- Custom Properties
- Document Properties
See the link for complete information:
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Thought of a quick answer for you to ace these two answers, maybe this will help. Just go to the help file when you open up either of those programs and use the introduction paragraph to detail exactly how these programs present themselves! * Smiles * That's what I came up with off the top of my head. Good luck.
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One of the main characteristics about microsoft word is that microsoft word is a commercial word processor
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Microsoft excel is a very powerful software and act first can be difficult to use. When you are more familiar with you will learn that excel may be used for applications such as spread sheets, calculations, graphs and tables, and several more. If you would like more information on this software I would advise to you search "Microsoft excel" on wikipedia.com

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