What Are The Advantages Of Microsoft Word?


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You can send your girlfriend a letter
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There are many feature like, macros, layout, tables, column, numbering, auto correction etc. So it is very usable to us to create and store any data file in word format.
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It is ubiquity.
Most people use ti so it is easy to share files with others
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MS Word is my all time favorite computer applications. I even like it better than games.
I was a Computer Aide in two school districts and ran the computer lab at Elementary schools. I loved to teach Word to students and teachers and staff. They always want to learn something new and I love to teach it.

An advantage to using MS Word is that almost all businesses use it, as well as schools your children attend. It is the most widely used word processing application in the market today. Some people still use MS Works, but that is not the same program and they do not have the same capabilities. Word as far as I am concerned is far more superior.

Tricks I know:
to increase point size of font-hold down Ctrl + tap the ] key   --each tap increases by 1 point size
to decrease point size of font-hold down Ctrl + tap the [ key   --each tap decreases by 1 point size
(This is great to know when not sure what size you need your text to be. Just highlight it and Ctrl+] or Ctrl+[ tapping until you get it sized right for your project)

instead of changing the font size in a document to make it fit the page, change the line spacing--go to
Line spacing
: And in the drop down arrow choose
At least
-- then next to   At least  in this same drop down menu choose
and increase/decrease the spacing until your document fits a page or is spaced to be "readable".

There's more but these are a few of my favorite tricks in MS Word.
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