What Are The Definitions Of The Parts Of Microsoft Word 2003 Environment?


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Microsoft Word 2003 was one of the several installments of Microsoft's popular word processing package. It contains several parts and features that the user could benefit from. Some of these features include the following:

  • Navigational tools

The software allows users to perform several actions and to navigate the documents they are writing in different ways. For example, users have the ability to save, print, search and send their document through clicking one of the shortcut icons in the top ribbon of the window. The standard tool bar containing these actions was located towards the very top of the screen and consisted of a series of icons for the user to interact with.

  • Fonts, styles and formatting

Microsoft Word 2003 also allowed users to choose the font, font size and style of the text that they were typing. These styles include boldening, italicizing and underlining text at the click of a button.

In addition to this, users were able to choose the alignment of the text that they were typing. This was one of the many things users were able to customize through the use of Microsoft Word 2003. These features have carried through the entire series of word processing packages. Formatting functions were located in the formatting toolbar that was found just underneath the standard toolbar.

  • Counters

At the very bottom of the page were a series of counters that would give users the total number of pages in their document. In addition to this, it would offer other statistics like section numbers, line numbers and column numbers.

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