What Is The Meaning Of Each Part Of Microsoft Word Environment?


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Microsoft Word is a special software program that allows the user to write, edit, and format a series of documents, from formal business letters to book manuscripts to envelopes. This amazing program has too many features to list here, but a few prime examples are a text box tool, that allows the user to add tables to a document, or the spell check/grammar tool that allows the user to review their work for spelling or grammatical errors. To make the most of Microsoft Word, there are two ways to learn the program:

Tips On Learning Word

• The first method of learning how to use Word is through the "sink or swim" method. With this method, you just go into Word with a specific task you need to complete, such as a school essay or business letter, and then you sit there and figure out the process of writing, editing, and formatting your letter as you go along. This method can work well; in fact, most people do this, simply because Word is pretty straightforward, and they quickly learn the stuff they need to know about naming files, saving their work, adding links, images, and text, setting margins, adding headers and footers, adding page numbers, etc.  However, this method does have some pitfalls; by learning in a haphazard manner, people are bound to miss out on some of the more obscure (but completely useful and practical) features that Microsoft Word has to offer.

• The second method is taking a tutorial, a class, or some other form of instruction based on learning the principles of Microsoft Word. You can actually find lots of tutorials and helpful information right at Microsoft's official website. On the Internet, there are thousands of excellent, easy to learn teaching resources, tips and tutorials for this exceptionally popular software program.

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