What Is A Basic Difference Between A Notepad And Microsoft Word?


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These both are actually the text editors but there are so many differences in their working and application designs.The basic difference is that the notepad is a SDI (single document interface) application while the Microsoft word is MDI (multiple document interfaces) application.

In the case of single document interface applications, only one document can be opened at a time during the execution. Thus, single document interface applications have a narrow focus. The Microsoft paint is another example of this type of applications. In notepad you can edit only one document (text file) at a time. When you want to edit more than one document at a time, you have to run the multiple instances of notepad program that is separate multiple notepad windows executing simultaneously.

The Microsoft word is more sophisticated ands more complicated than notepad program. Word gives a more advanced graphical user interface and text formatting features that are not available in notepad.Besides these above mentioned features, word also allows the user to edit more than one document through the same instance of application program. These documents may be a text file, a bitmap file, a compressed file etc. each document in the MDI application is called a child window and application main window is known as parent window. A child window works under the control of parent window and different child windows may have different functionalities.
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You should think of Notepad as just that - a tablet for scribbling notes to yourself. Word includes all the formatting features that you'd want for letters, resumes, papers for school. It's more difficult to learn, but much more rewarding.
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Jab ms office mai word complete hai to phir notepad ka kya use hai
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Note pad has a text of 20 columns of text, I  have converted that text into ms word ,but I want to remove some

unwanted columns middle of that ms word document
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Notepad is a SDI(Single document Interface ) i.e if one document is open then another can not be open without close first one.Whereas MS-Word is a MDI(Mutiple Document Interface )i.e multiple document can be open at the same point of time.
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Notepad is just a very simple text editor while microsoft word is a very powerful, full-fledged word processor.

Hint: If you need an equally powerful word processor that can read and write microsoft word documents but is free, go to www.openoffice.org.
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Notepad is an editor software with some basic functionality like copy, paste,delete, word format etc.

Microsoft Word is a graphicalword processing Software that advanced feature include such as Spelling & grammar checker, word count in Microsoft word

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Microsoft word is a format on the computer and you can erase,correct,save work put videos on it such and such. Also a note pad you only write in your personal way with no imformation and you can draw what you want such as a webkinz plush toy without going on the internet to print it or copy it down. And also you can trade things. Notepads paper are cut down and progressed by trees and a computer is formated by a professional and created with text, wires,formation,radiation,Updates and the newest functions on connection with your nearest country,state and the whole world
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I've actually never seen a real difference between them other than the tools you can use in MS Word.  I think Word and Notepad are rich text formatted and show up as a .txt file wheeras Word is a .doc!  I have no real clue as to the technicalities of it though.

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