I Need Help With The Cut And Paste Process From NOTEPAD To EXCEL. Can You Help?


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Alternatively, if your notepad is obviously in columns, you do not need to do the comma separator, as you can go to Excel and select Data and Import and you can then browse through to your text document.  When you have selected it, a step by step guide will then help you to set it up into the spreadsheet, offering you the chance to add headers and column widths etc.
I hope this helps.
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Just copy all the text from notepad to Microsoft Words where you can select any vertically colum by just
Press ( ALT )  and hold it / during pressing, select with your Mouse vertically,
when you select vertical column release " ALT " and simply copy paste to Excel.
If you have still any problem feel free to ask.
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OPen both Notepad and Excel. You can switch between the two by using the ALT & TAB keys. In Notepad, highlight the text you want to copy by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse across the text you want to copy. You can either press CTRL C (to copy) or go to the menu bar and click Edit then Copy. Now use the ALT Tab key combination to switch to the open Excel worksheet. Select the cell that you want to insert the text into and either press the CTRL and V keys (paste) or go to the Menu bar and click on Edit then select Paste.

I hope this helps.
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Select the words or data which you are supposed to paste using the mouse. Right click on the selected data go for copy. Next go for the destinations where you are supposed to paste the data and paste the data.
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Why not separate each column entry with a comma and enclose string fields in quotation marks and save the file as a .csv. Then you should, depending on the version of excell, be able to open it directly or import it.
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Let me know if you get it to work. If not, you can email the file to me and I'll convert it for you.

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