What Are The Different Parts Of A Wordpad?


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There are a quadrant of four different Wordpress components, and these work together to create efficient word processing that is a part of Microsoft's basic software package. The first component is the toolbar, which offers users access to a variety of tools that can customize and refine the look of their document. Examples of items found in a Wordpad toolbar include the Insert and Edit features, which allow people to add page numbers, margins, and other style changes to their work.

  • Second component

The second component of Wordpad is the Format Bar, which is located at the area on the left of the screen, below the basic toolbar, or first component. This Format Bar will often display the type of font currently being used to write the document; popular font names include Arial, Times New Roman, and Comic Sans. The size of each letter used in a specific font can also be adjusted via the Format Bar.

  • Third component

The third component found in a Wordpad word processing document is the Ruler function, which shows where the cursor is placed, in relation to the overall size of the document. The ruler helps a user keep track of cursors and where they are moving in a document. The ruler may also be used to select the right margins for a particular job; margins may differ depending on the type of document being produced. For example, an invitation to a party may require very large, or wide margins to look nice, while a business letter will be fine with a default margin.

  • Fourth component

The Document Area in Wordpad is the computer program's fourth component, and it's the "blank page" that the user writes on with digital letters and numbers. The Document Area can be viewed in different ways, according to the user's preference.

Wordpad's components offer full-service world processing to people who run Microsoft operating systems and software.

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