How Do I Type A Letter On My Computer And Then Print It?


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To type a letter on your computer and then print it out, if you don’t have Microsoft Word, then your computer should have a basic program such as WordPad or NotePad. You will also need a working printer with ink cartridges. Follow these easy steps to help you type a letter and print it out:

Go to the start menu and select the program you will type your letter with (from those listed above). If you don’t have one of these programs on your computer, you can either buy the software from your local computer shop, or download Microsoft Word at:

Once you have opened the program, start typing a letter.

Make sure you save the letter in case you want to close your computer and come back to it later, or in case your computer experiences a fault and shuts down before you have finished.

To save your letter, select ‘file’ in the top left hand corner of the menu bar along the top and then select ‘save as’. Choose where you would like to save your letter (My Documents or Desktop is best) and then choose a name for the file.

Once you have finished typing your letter and have ensured it is saved, you are ready to print.

Make sure your printer is plugged into a wall socket for power and is switched on, and that it is connected to your computer. You also need to insert paper into the loading tray.

Select ‘file’ again from the menu bar at the top of your screen and then select ‘print’. You will then be shown the print settings, where you can change the number of copies you want to print (1 copy is the default) and the size of the paper you are printing onto (A4 is the default).

Once you are happy with the settings select ‘OK’, and your done!

To type a letter on your computer without Microsoft Word should still be possible with WordPad or NotePad. Once you’ve found one of these programmes (use the search in the start menu if necessary) it is simple to type a letter and print it.  Once you are used to this, you can begin typing letters printable direct to PDF or even direct to a fax machine.  Good luck with typing your first letter!
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@Vicky: That... Was... HILARIOUS!

@Frank: Heres what you do:

Open Microsoft Word (I'm assuming you have windows) and type your letter, you may edit the page if you wish but it is not necessary, when your done typing your letter hit print (if its not on the main screen then look under "file") and select your printer and hit print (if you want, you can select what pages to print, how many copies to make, Ect. Before you do so), and then wait at your printer for your letter to print.

If you need more help your going to have to put up more info than that, sorry
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I believe what you are asking is to be able to print directly from your keyboard . . . Just like you once could do on an electric/electronic typewriter, or on a DOS system with impact printer. As far as I know, you will still need to connect an impact printer (also known as line printer) and then load the drivers to operate that printer from your operating system. With graphics input printers such as inkjet, the system and printer would not accomodate loading and sending an image for each individual struck key. (Unless of course you wished to format and save a document for each character typed and then cue and print that document between each key stroke. (Of course, I jest . . . )

I do agree, though, that the capability is convenient when directly filling out forms. But it is probably just as convenient to convert the printed form to a word processor form, then print out many completed forms in batches. Probably the easiest then yet, is still filling out the form blanks by hand or with typewriter. Additionally, there are still impact (daisy wheel) printers you can order and buy . . . If the much higher printer and ribbon prices these days can be justified.
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Go to  the "start" button  (lower left green button) which will open up some pop up windows to choose from.  Choose  " MY DOCUMENT".   Go there and click on the Grey colored " FILE" button which will give you another drop down list.  Choose "NEW".  This will open up a new blank folder.  Click open this new folder then there will be drop down menus above your letter so that you can print it out.     I don't have Microsoft Word either , so this is how I have to type things .  Hope this helps.
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I am just trying to write a letter to my grandma but I do not know how because I am just a kid! OK
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I want to answer my penpals letters  via computer then print but do not know what to do please can you help me get set up for this
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Notepad, Microsoft word, a few different programs to do it with.
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If you are on a windows computer: Open up notepad.. Type a letter, press ctrl+p and then print.

If you are on a macintosh computer: Open up text edit.. Type a letter, press cmd+p and then print.
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Great. Then set it out formally, and make a letter heading with name and address, telephone, -mail, and date, say what you have to say and then you need a printed linked to your laptop, or e-mail the letter to someone with a printer who might do it for you... Well, Larry, I'm hooked up to a printer and laptop - Nice question.
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A laptop can not print. It must have a software/application installed to wirelessly connect to a printer...or a usb connection to a printer. In either case, your os must recognize the printer and or drivers. If you are sending this formal letter to someone, you can create it, save it, then send as an attachment. The attachment will show as a letter only, and can printed as a letter only, at the source sent to.
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For better formatting than Notepad, use the free OpenOffice Suite to make your letters. Can print from Ctrl + p or the File menu. BTW, OO is compatible with Micro$oft's Office Suite file formats. It does use its own so be sure to Save As and select the correct Word file extension.
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Download microsoft word and write your letter then right click and press print if that doesnt work go to the top of the page (toolbar) and click the print button
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You could write a letter like:

Dear mom,

I hope you feel better because I hate to see you feeling down.

I really wish you a happy day.


{your name]

Then when you want to print, just hit ctrl+p (or file>print and select 'ok')

Obviously this won't work if you don't have a printer connected to your computer, enough paper and ink, and the printer turned on!

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