How Do I Make The Print On My Computer Pages Smaller?


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The whole screen of your computer, including the print, can be reduced in size through the ‘Control Panel’. Go to the ‘Start’ menu on your computer and select the ‘Control Panel’. Then, look for the ‘Display’ icon and click on it. Within the ‘Display Properties’ page there will be a ‘Settings’ tab, which you should then select. Find the adjustment bar that is labelled ‘Screen Resolutions’. Moving this adjustment bar with change your screen resolutions to make the appearance bigger or smaller on your desktop screen. Moving the adjustment bar to the left will make the print appear larger and moving the adjustment bar to the right will make the print appear smaller. Once you have found a size that is suitable for you, select ‘Apply’ and wait for you screen to go black for a few seconds. When the screen comes back on it will be in the size you have selected and a window will appear asking if you want to keep the setting. If they are correct then click ‘Yes’, if not hit ‘Cancel’ and try again.

If it is just the font size that you want to reduce in size, it may be a problem that only occurs in your internet browser. In this case there are three different ways you can make the print smaller. Pressing CTRL on your keyboard and scroll your mouse button. Different browsers may scroll different ways for print size, so you will have to figure out which way works for yours. Alternatively you can select the ‘View’ tab on your internet browser menu and look for the ‘Text Size’ options. You will normally be able to choose between normal, larger or smaller. The simplest way to change the font size is to press CTRL on your keyboard alongside either - to reduce the print or + to enlarge the print. This method will often work in other programs as well.

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