How Do I Enlarge The Print On My Computer Screen?


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The easiest way to enlarge the print on your computer screen for daily use is to change the display settings, providing you are using a Windows based computer.

  • How to get large print on your computer screen using Windows
- Click on the Start Bar/Button and click on the button that states "Control Panel" (Older Windows Systems may have to click on Settings before they can access the Control Panel section).
- When the Control Panel Menu is displayed, click on Appearances and Personalization.
- Then when this menu is displayed, look under the Display tag and you should find an option to make the text larger or smaller. Click on this. (Older Windows systems will need to click on display and look for a similar menu)
-  In Windows 7, you are now given a choice of three text sizes. The default is "Small", but you can increase the size of the text to Medium (125% of the current size of print) or Large (150% the current size of print)
- Your computer will tell you that you need to log off the computer and then log back in to complete the changes. When you do this and log back in, your changes should have taken effect.

  • Increasing the size of print in world processing documents and similar
If you do not require the size of the font in windows to be increased, but would like to know how to increase the size of the text in a word processing document, then doing this is simple

Most word processors have a selection of fonts available. You can select from any of the available fonts by clicking on the relevant menu in your software. In addition to the type of font, you can also change the size of the font to a size that makes it easier for you to read. Most people tend to use size 10 or 12 font, whereas those who have sight issues can find size 14, 16 or 18 much easier to read.
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It is quite easy to increase the size of the letter because the way you have asked the question, you are certainly talking about the size that we use while using computers.

If you want to increase the size of the letter while writing on computer what you will have to do is to take the cursor on the upper portion of the screen on the monitor that you are using. You will find that there written some number with percentage sign associated with it. You can increase the size by clicking on the option. Usually people use the size that is defined as 100 per cent but you can use whatever size you want as there is option of up to 500 per cent in a usual computer.
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Go to your browser's View Menu. Go down to Text Size and select size from the slide out menu. If you want your browser to always use a minimum font size, check the Internet Options (IE) or Tools>Options (FF).

How to change the font size in Windows Vista: ------
How to Change the Browser Text Size (All Browsers - Win/Mac):
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I hit a key on my keyboard that made my text small. How do I enlarge it back to orginal size?
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Go to the top tool bar. Click on view. Choose the size print you want. Click on that.

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