How To Enlarge View On Laptop Screen?


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There is more than one way to enlarge the view on a laptop screen and often it is text that appears to be too small to view without straining your eyes. In some instances it is too large and fills the entire screen, so it needs to be made smaller so that you can better appreciate what you are looking at.

If you want to alter the size of text when you are using Internet Explorer, you will find that there is a menu bar across the top of the screen that gives you a few options: ‘File’; ‘Edit’; ‘View’; ‘Favorites’ and ‘Help’. Click onto ‘View’ and another box will drop down. If you point your cursor at ‘Text Size’, yet another box will drop. From this you will be able to choose the font size that is best for you, from ‘Largest’ to ‘Smallest’.

The menu bar across the top of your screen if you use Netscape is slightly different. Here you will find, ‘File’; ‘Edit’; ‘View’; ‘Go’; ‘Communicator’; and ‘Help’. Click onto ‘View’ and when you see the drop down box you can either click onto ‘Increase Font’ or ‘Decrease Font’ depending upon which it is that you want.

For a Windows computer, you will find that there is a ‘Start’ bar that will show you many options, including ‘Settings’. If you click on this, you will see a drop down box. Point your cursor at ‘Control Panel’ and a new window will open up on your Desktop where you will see a file called ‘Display’. Click onto this file and a smaller box will open with several tabs at the top. Choose ‘Settings’ and in the lower right hand side of the box you will ‘Screen Area’. Choose what it is that you want. This will make the text on all aspects of your computer larger or smaller.
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I am not sure what kind of laptop you have, but on Toshibas there is a function key which will allow the user to zoom into parts of the screen.  Or, you could change the display settings to a larger size.
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The font size on my yahoo home page, and also in my gmail account, has gotten tiny and even in this email I'm sending you it appears to be a font size of 8, at best.  My AOL is looking normal in regards to font.

Please help!!  I can barely read my yahoo mail, my yahoo home page and news features!!

Thank you

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